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Does it mean anything if a guy confides in you ?

This guy used to flirt with me but he realized that I did not like him after a while. He then says that I’m going to just be his “diary” whenever he feels he needs to confide in me.. also he tells me he misses me and tells me he likes talking to me. Is this the onset of a good friendship? He also says he likes being around me too.. any meaning to this ?

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  • Ana
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    10 months ago

    Not a “friendship” you dumb hoe. Good RELATIONSHIP. Involving romance, kissing and sex. Get with it! Girls who friend zone are annoying

    If you don’t like him then just reject him. Quit pathologically pretending he wants to be friends. He ain’t

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Absolutely! This guy could like you! One of the give away signs that a guy is interested is when he trusts you. Trust is also the sign of a strong emotional connection between the both of you - a key ingredient for having a successful relationship. Given that this guy says that he says that he missed you and likes talking to you, I would also say that this guy's attraction to you is genuine. I really hope this helps :)

    Source(s): Have your feelings for this guy changed at all?
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