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Husband making life miserable?

My husband lost his job due to his bad temper. (Hes always had a temper) He had several make matters worse he has amounted credit card debt that I m nhe was trying to get a refinance loan on our home but he lost his job and lost the loan hes been very angry and blaming others for his own doing . he s gotten aggressive and threw items at me and left me a bruise he says im the reason we didn t get the He is the one who lost his job. Had maxed out credit cards and when they did a "work verification check"they saw he was fired....I am working even extra hours.. ( he never wanted me to work...but I insisted...could you imagine if i didnt work..?

He calls me *****, and says it s my fault we may lose the We have seprate accounts pay bills never ever had access to his credit cards everything i buy i use cash . husband is blaming others ....should I leave? Hes constantly verbally abusing and has harmed me with items he throws at me... I don t know what to do i habe a 4 year old. It s becoming progressively worse ...he did end up findingna job but they are not giving him hours some days he s home being rude calling me fat , and I m not that fat! He s taking it out on me how to have him stop or get a divorce?

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    My mom also divorced my dad recently. She got a handsome Kenyan Boyfriend and we are now living a good life. My dad was abusive to my mom and did not give her any freedom.

  • Ana
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    10 months ago

    First... What do you mean “I have a 4 year old”?

    No, YOU GUYS have a 4 year old. You didn’t cheat on him and cuckold him, did you? If the child is his, then YOU GUYS have a 4 year old. Not just you. 

    Secondly, he needs 3 things

    1) anger management classes (free ones, maybe online or something or just reading anger management articles and tips for free online)

    2) learning how to save his money (Dave Ramsey)

    3) a new job ASAP

    Until he gets a new job, you both need to cut all spending besides basic food, water, and utilities. No “going out to eat”. No “movie night”. No “fun with friends”. All of your money should go towards the mortgage. Hubby can pay you back later. Losing the mortgage will wreck both of your lives for the next 10 years.

    And if he needs to take a small pay cut to find a job quicker then have him do it 

    Also, give him sex so that he maintains his manly confidence, happiness and low stress levels. Depriving him during this time will only make things much worse

  • Foofa
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    10 months ago

    I'd file for divorce and make him leave.

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  • glcang
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    10 months ago

    I am always amazed at the amount of shiit women will put up with. WTF are you doing with this guy? He sounds like he needs therapy and you sound like you need to get away from him RIGHT NOW

  • 10 months ago

    If he is hurting you and you can prove it, have him locked up and removed from your home. File for divorce. That should settle him down. Squido

  • tony
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    10 months ago

     Don't stay with someone who no longer love or respect u,misery loves company and this will affect ur far as you continue to entertain what makes you unhappy, you shall always dance to the tune of what will make you unhappy. A mindset change can cause a great change.”

  • 10 months ago

    Divorce him bc he abuse of you and do not try to keep family in good condition.

  • kristy
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    10 months ago

    Get rid of him already, you deserve better

  • 10 months ago

    Honestly, getting a divorce is the best option. He is constantly abusing you and you have a 4 year old in your household. I would not want someone toxic living in the same space as my child. You can not change him or stop him because some people do not realize what they are doing to other people. The red flag is that he blames other people and has a temper so he is just going to continuously do this and it will just get worse. I would leave him immediately and stay at a close friends house or family with your kid.

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