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Can you get pregnant if you’re not ovulating? ?

I had sex a week ago on the last day of my period. Yesterday I had an excruciating headache and got sick from being in the car. And now I just discovered I’m spotting a little. 

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    Simple answer - no you can not get pregnant if you did not ovulate at the right time.

    HOWEVER - if you are not doing something to stop ovulation - then you can't be positive that ovulation didn't happen in time.

    Sperm can live for up to five days and ovulation CAN BE EARLY.  

    Your symptoms mean nothing because there are NO symptoms that guarantee pregnancy until you miss a period and get a positive test.

    You might be pregnant - you might not be pregnant - you will need to wait until either your next period is late or at least 21 days after sex to know for sure.  (At 21 days after sex, a test should be accurate if you follow the directions.)

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