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What does literacy mean?  Could I use it in a meaning of morality?  Does the meaning of literacy include morality?

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    Not in a literal sense, no.  You might be able to use literacy in some figurative way that is applicable to moral understanding, but ability to read is not related to moral ideas in itself.  One could talk about immorality in a sense that is equivalent to a moral illiteracy, I suppose.  A way to declare that the immorality derives from lack of knowing better rather than from a rejection of the rules of morality.  But it would not be a literal illiteracy.  The rules are not written in some place that you have to be able to read them to know of them.

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    It means you can read and write. No, you shouldn't use it there and it doesn't include morality. Morality can be described as how good or bad you are.

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    Literacy and morality are completely unrelated.

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