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Do you consider professional wrestling just a performance art like Ballet?

"Many football players have attempted and quit ballet because it was too hard. That doesn't make ballet any more a sport or any less performance art just because professional athletes couldn't always cut it."


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    I wouldn’t call it a sport and I definitely wouldn’t compare it to ballet. Wrestling is a psychically demanding performance art. The correct term would be sports entertainment. There is a lot more that goes into wrestling than just headlocks and spandex. 

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    I feel its entertainment, not the ballet.

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    an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.

    "team sports such as baseball and soccer"-Merriam-WebsterThere's no competition on wrestling, ergo it is not a sport.  When long tenured writers and insiders on wrestling try to report on it as a sport, fans like Dave Hytman/Groove Thing bless them out for having an opinion contrarian to their own.  Wrestling has become a subjective thing when it comes to tastes in styles.  Sports are not subjective.  Sports have rules on how sports are to be performed.  Judges and refs have written bylaws on what makes soccer soccer and basketball basketball.  Try and dribble a soccer ball into a goal and see if anyone defends it.  They wont.  Have someone win with a roll up, kick out of a thousand finishers, or flip a guy with his genitals, and someone will be there to defend it because there's nothing but other people without authority on the matter saying that those things 'aren't wrestling'.  News flash: if you train to wrestle and decide to go your own direction with it, which is what everyone has done and everyone's been condemned for since the beginning of televised wrestling, you have a say in what you contribute to the business and the art.  Jim Cornette can blow an aneurysm screaming about it, and The Young Bucks can roll their eyes and tweet 'OK, boomer' at you, but no one's going to stop you from doing it unless they try to shoot on you, which happens to be one of the only things that's guaranteed to get you blackballed from wrestling in this day and age.  Despite how much of a tough guy old timer Cornette is, he wouldn't defend it if it happened to his worst enemy, and despite how hard people in Japan hit, they wont put up with it either.  Even in lawless Mexico Sexy Star has been banished for being a danger to her peers.You can hate it, and a lot of people do,but no matter what you call it professional wrestling is performance art.

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    Ask Cactus Jack that when Undertaker threw him off Heck In A Cell that time. 

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    Somewhat, but I consider it Sports Entertainment.

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