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I'm 7 months pregnant and high risk and have 2 doctor's appointments 2 weeks apart?

I live two hours away from my childs father (it's a long story) and I have  appointments on December 10th and December 31st. However it's expensive to pay for a bus ticket it's $38 which isn't a lot for someone financially stable but for me it is if I go back home after the 10th and come back the 31st it's $76 which is a lot . He lives with his dysfunctional mom whose an ex drug addict and doesn't like me. I wanted to switch doctor's to somewhere local but it won't be until the end of January anyone will see me so I'm kinda forced to keep these appointments. What should I do?

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    If you truly can't afford it, talk to a church in your area to see if they have a fund which can help.

    I used to work for a church, and the churches in our county had a fund for things of this nature.

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    Beg or borrow.     

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