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What do you think of someone who doesn’t have any friends?

I can recall a time in high school when a girl said that if someone is alone and has no friends, then that’s their faults because they either don’t want any or aren’t trying. It had opened my eyes to a completely different view point (I suppose I was rather naive). Whenever I saw someone with no friends I had always thought they were too shy as, due to my social anxiety, I have had a hard time making any friends at all myself. This is not to say there are no people out there who genuinely don’t want any friends, but more so to acknowledge there are also many people who have a hard time making friends and I fear they may appear cold and closed off. As someone who was unable to make friends most of my life, I wanted to know how others perceive people like this. (I am understanding of every perspective! I completely get why someone would think this way and I don’t see them as a bad person what so ever. Their intentions were never malicious.) 

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    My boyfriend doesn't have many friends, probably because he avoids making new friends. He has a couple of old friends of many years, but he doesn't talk with them often and rarely sees them. He does have one friend who he spends a little time with. They have music in common.

    He is ok going to a dinner party with me once in a while, and he's charming and engages in conversation, but he's an introvert and doesn't have a lot of interest in hanging around with friends that often. He enjoys his free time doing his own thing by himself as the rule.

    I know another person who i don't call much of a friend, but she thinks we are. She's repulsive, controlling and doesn't know how to relate to people or treat them. She is socially inept, really. She has no idea she's like this. And doesn't understand why she has no real friends. She says she's "not social" but that's not the root of the issue -- she's just mean and disagreeable.

    Everyone who doesn't have a lot of friends is different. I have a few people in my life i consider very good friends. And the truth about friends is, during the course of our lives, we actually only have a few friends we can truly count on. The rest are acquaintances - which is ok.

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    Everybody has friends!!

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    That girl is a jerk. I haven't had friends in many years due to health problems, im not in work or are in school so it's hard to make/keep friends. I wouldn't look down on anyone for being lonely... you're right usually it means someone is shy or they have something going on and they need people to be friendly to them.

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    There are two types of people in the world. Introverts and Extroverts. Usually introverts are highly intelligent and like to have alone time to THINK. They usually can see the fake masks people wear and don't want to be bothered with fake people. They are comfortable being alone with no drama in their lives. Extroverts usually, but not always , don't care if someone is fake and just NEED to be around many people because they find it difficult to function when alone. They're like parasites lol

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    One of my best friends, I met him in 8th grade and we started hanging out because nobody else wanted him to eat lunch with him and I thought he was funny. Then by 10th and 11th grade when my other friends had moved on or moved away, I was hanging out with this one guy at the library every day after school and we would convince others with little friends to drive around or hang out with us. And we did encounter people who didn’t want friends, but we also made a group of outcasts who had fun and just hung out. So no I’d never think bad about someone with no friends because I’ve felt like that many times.

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