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dad is feeling really down lately, what can I do to make him feel better?

His sadness is due to the loss of his father recently and I don't know how to help, please let me know if you have an idea of how I could help him.

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    Well, grief over losing a loved one is normal and just takes time to get over. YOu can certainly pay attention to him, do things he enjoys doing, just to be with him.

  • Pearl
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    8 months ago

    maybe you could get him a puppy from the petstore, that might cheer him up

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    Find a grief counseling center

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    Let him know he means the world to you. Try to spend time with him even if you aren't really "doing" anything. But if his Dad died more than a few weeks ago, see if you can take him for a drive, go somewhere..... at least for a few hours. Grieving in a very natural thing to do. Don't try to stop him from grieving, but do help him know how loved he is and how much his company is cherished. Grieving can last for months and months. Missing someone can last forever. He doesn't have to "feel better" to get out and about a bit. Would he like walking around in a museum? Going Bowling? Just having coffee together?

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  • 8 months ago

    if you're good with words, write him a meaningful well thought through letter. Include what he means to you and how you can understand loosing someone who matters to you in that way. Include things like appreciation and caring/love. Maybe how even though he's passed on, how his memories and caring, continue on through the generations... or something more meaningful to you. Peace out. 

  • Anonymous
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    I am no psychologist nor am I unfortunate enough to experience such a lamentable situation, so I am not justified to say "I know how it feels" or give you direct tips. However, I will help you the best you can. 

    Try to focus on the positive aspects of the decreased person and think about the happy memories your dad and grandfather spent together.

    Also he should go to a group where others are also grieving, grieving together with support from each other usually helps. 

    Also try to talk to a religious official is you have one(rabbi, priest etc.) Faith is also a strong force. If you are atheist, try to let you father seek tranqulity and meditation during grief. Finally here are a few link that might help. My condolences.





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