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Is the Bahamas halfway between Miami and South Africa?

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    You can fly from Miami International to the Bahamas in an hour in a puddle jumper Cessna.

    You can fly from Miami International to Johannesburg South Africa in a 777 jetliner in 14 hours.

    Half way?  Not quite.

    Source(s): Flew from Los Angeles to London, then to Johannesburg over the North Pole, shortest route. 23 hours in a 747.
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    At is nearest it is approximately 90 miles from Miami. However, it is several thousands of miles from South Africa.

  • Bill-M
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    No.   Bahamas is very close to Miami.   And thousands of miles from S.A.

    To be exact. Miami to Bahamas is 181 Miles.

    Bahamas to Cape Town = 7471 miles

  • Mintee
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    10 months ago

    if you have the internet to post this question, then you have the means to do an internet search for a map of the world to see for yourself.. 

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