Can I use Balto in a story or is he under copyright since they made a movie about him? I want to use the real life version not the movie one?

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  • 8 months ago
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    You can write a biography on the real-life dog. Just like with real people, you can't write fictional stories with made-up situations and use Balto as a character in it. You can write a screenplay that is based on history. Screenwriters do that all the time, they use history as an outline to tell the historical story, with some minor fictionalization or 'taking license with the facts' allowed. Dialogue that was never uttered, for example. Countless movies have been made about historical figures and words had to be put in their mouths, because little to no actual record of their words exists.

    You just can't have Julius Caesar doing things he never did. You would have to do deep research on the real Balto to make sure your story doesn't have him in places he never went to, or existing outside of his actual lifespan.

  • 8 months ago

    Yep, you can base a story on the real life Balto :). You can't use script, imagery, or base characters off anything in the movie, but you can totally read up on the real hero. It's a cool story. It's kind of funny, but in the beginning, folks didn't think Balto would have made a good sled dog. He was a Very Good Boy.

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