Please help to explain the meaning of a sentence related to jury duy?

I've got a summon for a jury duty. There's a sentence in the message I got that I'm confused "you don't have to report in on Thursday...". What does "report in" mean? Do I have show up at court?

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  • RP
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    10 months ago
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    It means you do not need to go into the Court on Thursday.

  • 10 months ago

    I assume that "you do not have to report in on Thursday" means that you are not obligated to be there on Thursday, but it strikes me as a very odd thing to say in a summons.  I assume it was told to you in some sort of follow-up message, in which case, I would be careful about listening to that person.  They won't get punished for your not showing up unless they are acting for the court itself (representing the court in an official capacity).  The court is "funny" that way.  You have to do what the court says, and only what the court issues officially actually counts as "what the court says".

  • Kerri
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    10 months ago

    Report in means showing up at the courthouse on the appointed date and time (On time) and being seated in the right courtroom before the judge comes in and they do a “roll call”. If one doesn’t report in for jury duty a bench warrant can be issued leading to arrest.

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