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Is it true that the realist people don’t have many friends? ?

A few years ago I found myself friends with the wrong people. The people who I was Friends with at that time, they were toxic. Always talking bad about others gossiping and I started to know there mutual friends. There mutual friends were just like them. Then one day I found myself doing the same thing they where doing. I was gossiping and being fake just like them. As I grew older and my mindset started to change I realized they weren’t my friends. They where being manipulative and bullies and instigating. I took a look at myself one day in the mirror and I said to myself I needed to change. As you get older you start to change. Plus those people who I was friends with bullied me into depression and at one point I was suicidal. I was considering suicide a few years ago because of them and that’s what changed me. I now see them for what they were and I thank them because I’m a lot stronger and more confident then I was before. My fake friends who bullied me told me I don’t have any friends and I’m pathetic. Before I met them I never experienced friendship because social anxiety and depression. That saying you are who you surround yourself with is right. I was becoming like them and thank god they are no longer part of my life. My question is the saying’the realest people don’t have many friends’ do you believe in that? All I have is two best friends. Am I pathetic for only having two best friends? 

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    Hi... i'm glad you got away from those former "friends".

    The truth about friends/relationships is, people walk into our lives, all of our lives. A few remain, or they walk out. Or we move on and out of their lives.

    During our lives, we only have a handful or less of true "best" friends - those we can count on for just about anything. Even so, I can say that i have made a lot of great acquaintances during my life too. They are nice friends, as well, but not people i would feel comfortable with if i really needed help or someone to talk with.

    You're not pathetic for having only two best friends no. I'm over 60 and i had two best friends all throughout high school - and i had several other good friends, too. We graduated, got married or careers and went our separate ways. But through the years, i did hear from my two best friends several times, and since we have the internet, we do keep in touch at times. They aren't my best friends anymore, but i still love them both. I made a couple of other fantastic friends as an adult, and they are still a part of my life.

    Take care!! Happy holidays too

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    I wouldn't make the generalization that realists don't have very many friends, but I do fit into that stereotype.

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    I have no friends. I have a family. I have a business. I have employees and acquaintances. I don't allow people to get close to me because it always takes from my life and I concentrate on what is important.

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    They tend to have more real friends 

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