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Why would my boyfriend even consider wanting a girlfriend (back) in his life when he is in the most difficult time in his life?

My boyfriend and I have dated for almost a year. We sre in our mid-20s. Our relationship hit a rocky place a few months ago and we had to stop it, he was going through a very hard (mental) time and needed time to himself. Nothing bad happened with us, we have a great bond and relationship, he just needed time to get into a better place... 

A month later he got back in contact with me and worked for us to get back together , doing all he could to work on everything he needed to work on. Such as communicating when something is going on or just expressing himself more when he is not doing okay. 

We are back together. He is still in the toughest time in his life, although he has done a lot better at improving himself and communication. It is taking work but, it’s gotten better, slowly but surely. 

I have wondered though, WHY, in the worst time in his life would he even think about having a girlfriend? Or even wantvme back in his life when he already has so much stress on his plate?

Not saying I don’t want to be with him, I love him dearly. But why would he even want a girlfriend right now? 

I thought maybe once we stopped dating he would just want to stick with himself and feel relieved he doesn’t have to worry about a girlfriend (again, with all the stress he already had). Instead he stuck with himself - got himself into a better placed and wanted me back. I would think, he would have just wanted himself to himself at that point.

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    It seems like he has taken time to work on issues by himself and now he's reached a stage in his recovery where he would like to try the relationship thing again? Sometimes a stable relationship can go a long way in helping a person through rough points in their lives.

    If this is a concern for you though, I would suggest just sitting down and talking about it, and maybe use this as a way to bond and strengthen your relationship!

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    It sounds like he didn't have a lot to give to you on an emotional level, so you're likely right, he didn't need a girlfriend. But people can be self-seeking as well as a desire for companionship.

    I hope he gets his life together and that things work out if that's what you both want.

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    maybe you need to ask him this question

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