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Dental problems?

I haven’t brushed my teeth in like a year.I now have a swollen gum in my back gum.So I now brush my teeth but now when I spit blood comes out and the saliva is dirty.If I keep on brushing my teeth everyday will the bleeding stop?


Mouth* not gum

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    Do the following after every time you eat anything at all. Dental cleaning is 3 steps: first floss between all the teeth for particles of food. Next brush with toothpaste, holding the brush lightly, and moving along the gum line. Finally, swish Original Listerine around your mouth for at least 30 seconds.

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    The most common reason for swollen/bleeding gums is a gum disease! Your best option would be to visit a dentist for proper treatment. If that isn't possible than do online research for ways to mitigate the issue. Softer toothbrushes (and gentle brushing techniques), lightly patting the area with gauze to help with bleeding, and of course proper dental hygiene can go a long way! 

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