Why do people think some of them suppose to be happy and other people suppose to be miserable?

They think that ugly people should suffer.

And fat people should be too.

They think they are so better than you.

And they think they should have the house

and the car and you didn't work as hard

as them..

Oh God is good, they would say.

And they don't care about how other people


If everybody be happy and have

everything as well....

Then...  there won't be any crime, jealousy

and stuff like that.


Is this what life is should be like...?

Some sad, some very happy.

1 Answer

  • 10 months ago

    Unattractive people may already be suffering, but some of them have guts and confidence... besides that, looks are subjective and just because you find someone unattractive, someone else may not think so at all.

    Fat people are already miserable - they don't need help or reminders. It's not fun living with a lot of extra weight. And it's dangerous for their health. they know it, but some people have eating disorders and can't seem to get control over their habits. And others take medications which blow them up. For example, prednisone, a steroid, causes people to bloat up/gain weight.

    Happiness is another thing that's subjective. Most people aren't running around doing cartwheels all day, but i think it's ideal to practice personal contentment and gratitude. We all have a choice when we wake up in the morning.... to have a good day or a miserable one. And we all have a choice about how to feel wen something goes wrong - have a fit about it ending up being angry or upset, or accepting the issue for what it is and going about fixing it, if we can - and not allowing it to wreck our day.

    I'm not sure who thinks fat or ugly people ought to suffer. We get what we earn in this life, and sometimes we get what we manifest. What we believe in this life we make true. So it's up to each individual.

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