Any tips for a construction laborer newbie?

So a local contractor called me back.. finally, and asked if I can help with a few jobs coming up this spring/ summer. I told him I’m all in and am eager and willing to learn/ help anyway I can.

The only things I got going for me are:

-some carpentry experience, helped my dad build a awesome *** shed last summer

- I’m one of the rare few that actually knows how to use a tape measure😂 you’d be surprised how many people don’t

2 Answers

  • 8 months ago

    Keep the ur job with contractor

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Join the UNION. Follow orders, ask questions when you don't know how, or know two or more ways to do the job.

    For the first year expect to Fetch & Carry, to be a GoFor.

    Observe. Even if you graduated from a Trade School you are at the bottom of the pyramid.

    Most important, be sure you ARE on the Payroll. Not being paid under the table.

    If you are not on the payroll, you are not getting Unemployment Insurance, Worker's Compensation Insurance, Over Time pay, and Social Security matching Insurance payments.

    If you are not in the UNION, you may be missing Health Insurance and other benefits.

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