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0.025 kg bullet is fired from a gun with a velocity of -230 m/s. If the gun has a mass of 0.52kg, what is the recoil velocity of the gun?  ?

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    Mass of bullet (mb) = 0.025kg 

    Velocity of bullet (vb) = 230m/sec 

    Mass of Gun (mg) = 0.52kg 

    Velocity of Gun (vg) = ? 

    Using conservation of momentum:- 

    m_b v_b = mgvg 

    → vg = m_b v_b/m_g = 0.025kg x 230m/sec / 0.52kg = 5.75/0.52 = 11.05m/sec 

    ∴ velocity of Gun (vg) = 11.05m/sec. 

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    Vrg = -Vb*mb/mg = 230*0.025/0.52 = 11.06 m/sec

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    Conservation of momentum, your teacher will have gone over this.  google that on Youtube.

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    If only one could look up "how to calculate recoil velocity of a gun"

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    Mass of bullet x speed of bullet = mass of gun x speed of gun. Start plugging in numbers and do the math.

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