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A Spherically Symmetric Charge Distribution?

Suppose that the electric field in the Earth's atmosphere is E = 8.20 101 N/C, pointing downward. Determine the electric charge in the Earth. (Assume E is measured at the Earth's surface.)

_ C

What sign must Earth's charge have if the electric field around it points downward everywhere?

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    What's the equation for strength of the gravitational field on the surface of a spherically symmetric mass distribution?

    g = GM/r^2

    Do you feel Coulomb copied Newton's work?

    E = k |Q| /r^2 

    |Q| = E r^2 / k

    r = 6.37×10^6 m

    Of course you know Q is negative. For explanation, search "why do field lines of a negative charge point inward"

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