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Were the teachers acting very unprofessional?

I wen to an International Overseas Trip to London, Ireland, and Wales in high schools. Before the trip, the students filled out paper work and put our parents' contact info. Then when we all met at the airport or got to London, the 2 chaperone teachers never asked us to exchange OUR phone numbers with them in case we got lost. So if we got lost, they had no way of finding us. Then they had a problem with me because I wasn't communicating with them and they asked me for my mom's phone number, when they should already know it because it was in the paperwork I filled out. They seemed to do their own thing and didn't care about us students.  They talked in another language, some gibberish that no one else could understand, called "Pig Latin" whenever they were around us, which I thought was very rude. 

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  • Pearl
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    8 months ago

    sounds like they were

  • Lee
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    8 months ago

    You should definitely find their superior/principal and report this issue to them. Make sure they lose their jobs, or at least get denied the next promotion. 

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