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Orthodontist said I don’t a retainer anymore...?

I had braces from 2012-2015. From the time I got them off in 2015 until I lost my retainer about two and a half weeks ago I wore it religiously. When I called my orthodontist about getting a replacement he was surprised that I was still wearing it and told me that aside from normal bone movement over time as I aged there would be no drastic shifting/movement of my teeth. I know this is a rather silly question but how accurate is my orthodontist or what are the chances that we is saying is true?

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  • 8 months ago

    He's the experienced professional.  You've already worn your retainer much longer than most people have to. I think your teeth are pretty stable now.

    If it makes you feel any better, keep your retainer, and put it in every few months to make sure your teeth haven't moved.

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    8 months ago

    by now, probably is no longer needed.......

    Source(s): but read this, it's related....https://pforlife.com/borax-conspiracy.html
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