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Is it safe to say he doesn't care about me or our unborn baby?

At the moment I live 2 hours away from him until we get an apartment together. He didn't call me to check on me and keep in mind I'm 7 months pregnant and this is a high risk pregnancy, I can go into labor before 40 weeks. I don't think he loves me or our baby, actions speak louder than words. Yet he's posting stuff on his Facebook wall but can't reach out to me smh. 

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    So you don't live close to him at all and you are carrying his child? He doesn't call to check on you in spite of this being a high risk pregnancy and you are 7 months along? I don't think he loves you or the baby either because as you say, actions do speak far louder than words. But he can sit behind a computer screen and be on social media posting stuff? Yes, I do not think he cares about you or the baby and I would try to find a way to get away from him, get child support of course, and don't marry him or move in with him. You can apply for help temporarily from the government to get a low cost apartment and go back to school and get a better job. My sister did this and she moved into a HUD townhouse and got assistance for her baby and worked and later met a nice guy and remarried. Her bf who got her pregnant paid child support until her child was 21. So things may look bleak but you still have options. Check them out and don't worry about this guy who doesn't make you and your baby a priority. You deserve better.

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    Doesn't sound like he cares about you at all. But you already knew that, you're just trying to convince yourself he does care.

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    He's not hands-on in the reality of the situation and it doesn't sound like this was a planned baby you two agreed upon before the pregnancy. Why are you planning on moving in together after the baby is born if you aren't living together previously? He might care very much about you and your baby. Maybe he's young, in over his head, and not at all sure what to do. That doesn't mean he doesn't care. But I encourage you to have an alternate plan in case that apartment doesn't work out.

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