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Whats the best model .22lr handgun for hunting deer?


Im just trying to learn. I don't know really anything about hunting

Update 2:

I wish there was a way to find accurate hunting information to learn from

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  • 8 months ago

    Whatever is the heaviest gun you can find. I'm pretty sure Taurus makes a 9 shot 22lr revolver. 

    The key to bagging a buck is to throw the gun as hard as you can at the deer. Try to break his back with it so you wont have to chase him down. 

  • SM
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    8 months ago

    A couple of things for you to think about from your question. Several states have laws concerning what type of legal firearm can be used for harvesting game animals. For instance in Texas it is illegal to use rim-fire firearms to harvest white tail or mule deer. But you can use them to harvest feral hogs, rabbits, varmints, and other types of game or predatory animals. That means you cannot use a 22LR handgun or rifle to legally hunt deer in Texas. 

     As far as learning more about hunting, take a hunters education course in your area. Look for beginner type hunts or groups online. An example would be an outdoor women's club like we have on the TPWD website. A youth hunters program or hunts at a state park or federal lands where they provide a guide or a mentor for you to hunt with. 

     Lastly see what free or online publications are available from your state parks and wildlife dept, like the outdoor annual in Texas. It gives rules and regulations, information on different free hunts and public land hunts, seasons, bag limits, and updates through the online app. 

  • 8 months ago

    Hunt deer without eating the meat and see yourself in graveyard punishment

  • 8 months ago

    For a while now, most states have enacted laws restricting game hunting below a certain muzzle energy, meaning rimfire and few .17 and .22 calibers are illegal.

    Not certain, but some hunters have taken white tail deer with .22 hornet and swift.

    22-250, .223 and other upper power varmint rounds, may be legal.

    Handgun rounds with legal muzzle energy are hard to find, maybe Thompson contender in .22-06 magnum or bigger. Hunters using handguns you find in scoped .357 magnum or larger.

    As for accurate information, read through your states hunting laws, that is the border of jail/fines or not. Applies to where you hunt also.

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  • 8 months ago

    Read the laws in your state - a .22 handgun may not be legal to use in hunting.

  • BBean
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    8 months ago

    You may be trying to learn, but, you`re heading down the same path as a poacher and/or troll.

    A little truth by my experience in the `70`s: A Remington 591 and 592 5mm were both used by poachers to illegally kill deer. 

    Location: ETexas. Whitetail deer are relatively small compared to deer NW of ET.

    5mm rimfire Remington is smaller diameter than .22.

    5mm is a quiet round...Game Wardens were aware of deer being poached by people but the report of the rifles did not raise enough awareness from locals that WOULD report a .30-06 echoing through the river bottoms or nearby woods. So many deer were wounded and eventually died or permanently crippled from rimfire ammo.

    It was no accident IMHO the 5mm was discontinued for a long while...I loved the round for 200 yard shots to eradicate crows and squirrels from destroying Texas pecan crops. A crow or squirrel could be shot with 5mm and fall to the ground and not frighten the others off. A .22 Magnum, Hornet, or .222 would scare 100`s of crows that would not return to the trees for several hours. The stealthiness of the lethal 5mm rf was unmatched. 

    The troll feature...find another kick...trolls are generally not intelligent people. There are trolls that are clever but their mark of success is not to blatantly offend people but to lead them down a path to expose someone they dislike or just a personal pleasure within their own mentally disturbed world. Totally a feat without value nor profit...just a cheap thrill.

    Repented poachers do make the best game wardens just like the repented crooks often make the best cops.

    A Thompson Contender is unsurpassed in the .22 caliber variations they provide. Also IMHO.

  • Rick
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    8 months ago

    I understand that you have your own opinion on what caliber handgun is appropriate for deer hunting.  However, where I live if you are caught hunting deer with a pistol caliber smaller than .357 Magnum you will be in violation of hunting laws and arrested.

  • John
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    8 months ago

    NONE. If a game warden found you using a .22 caliber firearm of any kind for hunting deer, you would get a citation. The very bare minimum handgun that could possibly be used for humanely killing a deer would be something along the lines of a .45 ACP or a .45 Long Colt standard pressure loads.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Ah, the stupid hunting troll is back. Maybe you could try poison darts next.

  • Carson
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    8 months ago

    I don't think you can hunt deer in any state with a 22LR. I bet you know that.

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