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I am submitting an academic dismissal appeal? please give feedback?

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    What year are you in?  Academic dismissals usually arrive at the close of the spring terms, not winter...  but, anyway, you might be more successful starting out with your mental health issues and how they have impacted your grades, how your therapy is going (don't be "seeking" one, GET one - seeking a therapist = you have not addressed your issue) and if therapy - or medication - has helped settle your mind and allowed you to give your academics the attention required.  When I look at appeals, I don't care if you want to save the world - I care that whatever issue caused you to fail has been fixed, and that you will be successful in your academic career BECAUSE your issue has been fixed.    In any event, decide exactly what your issue is: was it not paying attention?  Was it your depression?  Was it the family emergency?  PICK ONE and back it up.  Show how whatever it is/was will not hinder you in the future.

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