Extra Curricular Issue?

I am in a situation that gives me limited options and I am not sure what to do. My single mom works M-F at her day job and doesn't get off work until 4 pm. She teaches an evening class on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. On Tuesday and Friday, she doesn't get home until around 6-7 pm because she works about 1 hr and a half away from the house. My sister is 7 and cannot watch herself self so I HAVE to be at the bus stop to get her off and watch her at home until my mom comes home. We don't have any family friends and our neighbors aren't friendly. All the clubs at my school only have afternoon meetings from 3-4 pm and I have tried to join them with hopes that they will update me or have morning meetings but it doesn't ever work out. The same issue goes with sports (they have afternoon practices that I can't attend). I try to do as much community service as I can be I always fall short because my mom has fixed events scheduled on certain weekends. I currently do tennis every other Saturday and tumbling practice on Sunday afternoons. Last year, I was in a leadership program with the United Way. I know I need more extracurriculars but I don't know what to do or how I can do it. Please help! I am scared that I won't get into an out of state college if I cant show well-roundedness!

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    8 months ago

    Extra curriculars are not as important for college applications as many people tell you they are. The point of extra curriculars is to show that you were able to handle a busy schedule and still make good grade. When you write your personal statement, and you talk about how hard your mother had to work, and how you were responsible for your younger sibling, that counts, too. 

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