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Can Modern Macs Just Not Record Desktop Audio?

This is in relation to the latest mac update.

I've been using OBS for years now, and with the most recent mac update my audio capturing software has stopped working. I've tried everything under the sun (uninstalling and re-installing updated versions of software, trying new software), and remember I have experience. This isn't a new person trying to set up audio for the first time, I've done this many times before. 

As of right now, I have tried every piece of audio capturing software in existence to no success, and I have even tried other video capture programs to see if that helps, and it does not.

There seems to be just no way to record desktop audio anymore, which is extremely frustrating for someone who records games or tries to pull sound clips from streams in order to animate them. Note: The people in the streams have consented to the sound being pulled, and verbally requested that animations be made.

Is anyone else able to record desktop audio WITHOUT returning the mac to its original OS? If so, then I at least know that I am just doing something wrong.


The sound-capture apps are up to date, and are able to run so I assume that they aren't 32-bit (I'm still so outraged at that update... Definitely ditching apple products ASAP). It just... does not record. I'll be buying an ACER laptop as soon as I can afford it anyway, so it's whatever.

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    If the various audio capturing software you've tried is 32 bit, it won't work with the very latest update to the Mac OS, which is no longer supporting 32 bit programs. (Which I why I haven't updated from Mojave.)

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    have you contacted the software's tech support? that's what i would do.

    else call Apple.

    and check that the software you are using supports the version of OS you now have.

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