Is this autism I need answers !!!?


I took my son to the Pediatrician becus I was worried he had autism he is delayed with things he daydream a lot and acts as if he can’t hear but he also does talk some what just not a lot now the doctor referred me to a hospital to get him diagnosed and will have early Intervention come to my house to help him with stuff does this mean he has autism for sure ??? Also the Pediatrician said she’s not going to suger coat anything she thinks is autism but she can’t diagnosed him when I called the hospital for his diagnosed they said the wait list is 6-8 months do anybody have on advice on this I live in Philadelphia pa  pls help 

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  • 8 months ago
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    of course not.

    you said he referred you to a specialist at the hospital for evaluation.  he has not been diagnosed yet.

    there are many things that cause delays.  some resolve within a few years, some turn out to be a learning disability such as dyslexia, some are due to a developmental disability such as autism or intellectual disability.

    i knew a girl who acted autistic.  Turned out she was allergic to milk.  Idiot doc kept claiming it was a cold/infection.  She would be fine in the morning, but very congested after breakfast with milk or yogurt.  She actually wasn't hearing clearly due to the congestion.  Once the parents stopped giving her milk, she started reacting to sounds she hadn't heard before.

    Early intervention should do the eval quick.  They can't diagnose, but will give you a better idea of what the developmental levels are.  A diagnosis isn't too important at this point, EI treats based on symptoms, not the diagnosis.

    A diagnosis is eventually helpful, it often is easier to get more appropriate school services with a medical diagnosis and it will help you understand your child better.

    Ask for another referral.  Some regular child psychs will diagnose.

    The hospital may be a developmental pediatrician.

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