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Tories also suffer from Antisemitism, will  this be covered in the press or draw criticism from the Chief Rabbi ?  ?

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    The whole Antisemitism question is so prevalent as it suits to cover up the Tory leader's obvious fear of being called out on his own Islamophobia, homophobia, derision of Back people  and fear of Corbyn. 

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    The Labour antisemitism scam is about Jeremys views on Israel not Jews

  • 8 months ago

    "Tories also suffer from Antisemitism" so we can take that as an admission can we, that the Labour party suffer's from Antisemitism, its about time, ho and talking of time that BBC link is two hours old not 2 years or even decades old but two hours.

    Give em a chance and if after a thorough investigation there is a case for these three to answer of antisemitism and no action is taken against em, yes it should draw criticism from the press, the chief Rabbi and the political world in general.

  • Biff
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    8 months ago

    The Tory-supporting Chief Rabbi friend of 'Lying Boris' who slandered Corbyn as "antisemitic" is part of a concerted campaign by some people within and without Israel to undermine Corbyn because of his outspoken opposition to Israel's occupation of Arab lands and treatment of the Palestinians. He isn't going to say anything about antisemitism in Tory ranks that would undermine the Tory election campaign. Neither are the Tory-supporting right-wing newspapers.

    Sally-Ann Hart, one of the candidates mentioned in the report, is also under fire for suggesting that disabled people should be paid less as they don't understand money.


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