How massive could a star be and still survive for 9 billion years?

Astronomy question, Could you please explain how you get the answer, formula and procedures. I really can't get it right. My last answer was 1.04 x 10^4 

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  • Zardoz
    Lv 7
    8 months ago

    1.04x10^4 what?

    The main sequence life of a star is = T⊙(M/M⊙)⁻²˙⁵; where T⊙ is the main sequence life of The Sun (10 billion years), M⊙ is the mass of The Sun (1.98[30] kg) and M is the value you're looking for.

    Ergo: M = 1.98[30] / ²˙⁵√.9 kg = 2.06[30] kg

    Update:  1/²˙⁵√.9 = 1.043

    Source(s): [n] = 10ⁿ
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