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What are all of the Microsoft Word 2016 serif fonts listed in alphabetical order?

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    Not sure such a list is out there.  Here's a list of fonts included in MS Word, and examples of each.  You can sort them by name, and then just go down the list looking at the examples to see which are serif and which are sans serif. 


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    8 months ago

    your font list is not dependent on what version of Word you have, but on what version of Windows you have.

    also, you may have installed programs that added more fonts, and you yourself are capable of adding more, from one of the many font repositories on the internet.

    if you want to see a list of what fonts are installed on your computer, you can see them by opening this folder:


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    If you are using a modern computer, you know you can add fonts, right?

    I have about 450 different fonts when I use microsoft word or any other program on my pc.  They are not all serif fonts. 

    How many do you have?  you will have to count. 

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