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I am a recruiter at my new job. My boss at my new job has me inputting info into an excel spreadsheet that she created. The spreadsheet was suppose to consist of a formula that allows dates to auto populate but it was not working properly. She asked me to reach out to the IT guy, the hr coordinator and random people to create this formula. I did reach out to those people and my past peers that are good at formulas as well as googled and youtubed, but I sit in the front office and I am constantly interrupted.My boss, my peer and me go out for lunch. My boss had my peer describe her as a boss. My boss then asked me did I have any questions.I asked my boss can she show me how to do the formula when we get back to the office) and I can recreate it from there. She said no. That being I was an HR Manager for 4 years that is something she expected me to know and that I should network to find the answer (which I did) and that they hired me cuz they thought I was the right person for the job and if she has to hold my hand while doing that, her thought process is, then I am not the right person for the role. In the car on the way home, she asked me what I need from her as a leader and is there anything she is doing that I would like for her to differently. It pissed me off because I told her what I needed in the restaurant. If I am going to tell her what I need and if she deems it not worth her time to show me, then what is the point of me telling her what i need?

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    You should have come up with the answer and should have fixed it yourself, you used a ton of resources, yet ended up asking her to help you??  You screwed up so own it, she asked you a legit question that you could have answered but were too busy being mad about her honesty to you.  It's very simple and would only take a minute to learn the formula, constant interruptions are not an excuse!!!! 

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