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Ballet and hips?

So, I've never done yoga but I can naturally do the lotus pose easily. My sister said that it's probably that I have open hips, which is needed in ballet.

What is it? Is it really that I have open hips? Does this help in ballet? Is it considered good to have open hips in ballet?

I'm just curious.

Why can't my sister do this pose even though she is more flexible and has done ballet since she was a baby?

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  • 8 months ago

    First let me tell you that there are those who can do a full lotus who don’t really have full 90 degree turnout in each hip. Yes open hips are important in ballet but opening up your hips to your own personal maximum limit is something  that can be achieved through proper ballet training no matter how much turnout you were born with.  Having open hips doesn’t translate to mean you have full turnout. Your sister’s  hips are probably open from ballet training if she is being trained properly. However if she was born with a deep pelvis socket, the bone will limit how large her turnout is. What is most important is learning to engage and hold the turnout you have in ballet. Having open hips in ballet isn’t useful if you don’t have the strength and muscle to engage and hold that turnout. 

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    8 months ago

    For as long as I know, open hips are important in ballet, especially for the turnout which has to be good for ballet. And yep, you probably have open hips. This doesn't have enough to do with flexibility in my opinion.

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