Mid 2000’s screamo/metal/hard rock music video? I can’t remember the artist or band! Help? ?

Okay, so the video was def some emo/metal/hard rock band...

But basically, I remember there was this couple and they were laying in bed and the girl has like that black emo pixie hair and she’s laying in bed and the bf gets up and he leaves and gets into his like older looking blue t-bird looking car. 

She seemingly has a nightmare that his car gets t-boned as he’s pulling out of the driveway, she wakes up and runs after him (she’s in like a wife beater and booty short underwear and she’s skinny white girl) and then she goes outside and then she watches this dream come to reality and his car gets nailed by an oncoming car. She like cripples to her knees and screams. And right at that part the song has some like male emo scream into the chorus of the song.

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    What bands do u like then it will be easier to find out

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