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What should I invest in?

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    Without knowing more of your personal information, and current financial status and other data such as risk tolerance, martial status, demographics current income & expenses it would be very inappropriate for me or any other responsible person, especially a professional from the investment industry, to provide specific investment information in this type of media.  At the same time, it would not be prudent of you to accept any specific investment advice from those you personally know nothing about other than a responder here at Yahoo Answers. 


    Those responders here on YA. that do provide specific investing ideas based on the Information you have provided demonstrate a lack any real investment experience and have also proven that they do not understand the proper communications with new investors suggested by regulatory authorities and for those that claim they have professional titles and/or licenses one would question their integrity and professionalism 


    However, there are websites that serve as tutorials for novice investors as well as information for the more experienced. Such sites are Smart Money -  Kilinger, Forbes - Forbes/com. Morningstar -  


    There are other sites that will be of help and Investors Place, that provide access to various investment products as well as access to several experienced advisors, all provide a wealth of information regarding the market and the various products trade in the markets. The research and commentaries by the various writers provide a wealth of free information that serves all types of investors whether they are novices, or experienced professionals. 

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    Chesapeake Energy Corporation (CHK)

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