Tired of FCA. Can I skip it?

Okay, so the FCA organization keeps popping up at our school and preaching, and the school forces everyone to go. I really don’t want to, because 1. I’m not religious. and 2. I’m a lesbian, and the FCA organization is LGBTphobic. Just search google for proof. Anyway, they also preach about how other religions are wrong and there’s only one true god, and I know there are students of other religions at our school and it really isn’t fair to them. The problem is, I’m in Alabama, so, you already know. Alabama is That™️ state. We don’t have “go to church or the devil will get you” and “hell is real” and “god is pro choice” signs for nothing. And an anti abortion display at my kindergarten Baptist church my mom made me go to with a sign about babies heartbeats and babies dying that was unscientific, and a ton of little white crosses embedded in the ground. (It was taken down, but it was shocking.) And the anti abortion bill that was passed. Everything here is tied into Christianity. EVERYTHING. And no one cares if you aren’t with it. So, is there something I can do to avoid going? Because I mean it when I say they FORCE you to go and get mad when you don’t pay attention and interact with those people.

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  • 8 months ago

    It sounds like your parents might have you in a private, religious school because they're afraid you'll be corrupted in a public school. I'm sorry about that. Even in Alabama, public schools can't have people preaching religion, and they certainly can't force students to go. Even a private school generally needs your parents permission for attendance at an after-school program. 

  • 8 months ago

    If you attend a public school, even in Alabama, attending any before- or after-school program is not mandatory.  If you are being pressured to go, look up the ACLU or students for Church/State separation and contact them.  If your story is actually true and not just you being overly dramatic, the ACLU will take your case and go after the school or school district.

    FCA programs in schools are student-initiated, not started by the school or an adult, but they do need an adult sponsor.  They also have the right to  have their meetings. This is no different than you starting an LGBT organization or a chess club or a robotics team.  

  • 8 months ago

    What you are describing is illegal unless your school is a private school. Start with that and go from there. Good luck!

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