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Do Christians. And Atheists believe in THE FORCE?

But what side are you on?

Dark or light??????????????????

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    They both do and more and more

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    To find Satan, follow the blood trail. The Religious Right got W. Bush elected president, and he killed a million Iraqis on a false hunch that they were involved in terrorism. W. Bush made torture camps (where an 8 year old kid was held). W. Bush mocked a woman to be executed. W. Bush ignored victims of Hurricane Katrina, while some died, and he moved rescuers to another state to keep them out of the hurricane zone (for fear that they were al Qaida spies). W. Bush got an oil company that he and Cheney were associated with (Halliburton) to clean laundry and supply water to troops (non-smelly water cost extra).

  • True Christians believe in the omnipotence of God, and God who gives strength and light to his faithful!

    Atheists believe in the darkness of the Tunnel of despair, in them there is no strength!

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    George Lucas wrote a screenplay in the 1970's and too many freaks take it way too seriously. I know you are a troll, but many fanboys get way too serious about what is essentially a crappy movie franchise. 

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    I try to be more en-light-ening that a wanderer with the shadows. I don't think I have Jedi powers however. I am only human.

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