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how difficult is it to mix up that "2 part glue" and tips on how to mix it up and apply it quick enough before it dries?

also, how strong it is? and what if get it on your fingers?


how compares to other glues that maybe are just 1 part? "Gorilla Glue" or some type of "model glue"?

Update 2:

if you  just hold the pieces together,,,,how long will take to dry enough to hold together something like a plastic cover

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    Two part glues are called "epoxy".  Setting time varies, depending on the type you buy.  The quickest ones are 5-minute epoxies, quite common and easy to find.

    Dry fit the pieces first, so you know how they fir together. Mix the epoxy on a piece of cardboard.  The flap from a cereal box works well. Use equal parts of the resin and hardener.  For small projects, I usually use a dab of each, and mix them with a toothpick.  You can use the toothpick to apply the glue too. Five minutes is usually more than enough time to work, and the epoxy doesn't set up hard all at once. 

    Gorilla Glue is basically expanding foam that doesn't expand much. It sticks well, but the pieces need to be clamped or inserted in slots, holes, etc.  If you try to hold the pieces together by hand, the glue will expand...and it's devilish to get off your hands.

    Model glue sets quickly, but isn't as strong a bond as epoxy.

    There are lots of way to improvise clamps....clothes pins, rubber bands, vise-grips, etc.

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    10 months ago

    It is not hard to mix.  Just don't concentrate on just mixing it.  I have had it start to set on me(start to gell-making it useless) There is many different glues. Using an expoxy is for something you do not want to come apart ever.  It takes 24 hours before it is really hard.  Gorilla glue is 1 part epoxy(that foams) so it gets bigger.  It also takes 24 hours to fully set. If the parts have to be close together, you do not use the Gorilla.(say such as a tea cup repair)  I would toss the cup and buy a new one...because the glue is not cheaper than buying a new cup.

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    wear medical grade gloves, silly. then throw them away. you have about 2 minutes before it sets up ... read the label for your particular brand, though

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    For small jobs, use a piece of cardboard for the mixing palate and a clothes pin for the mixing paddle. May be a couple more to wipe up the messes. You also need to figure out how you will keep the pieces together and set for a day. Electrical tape seems to work good for most situations. Anyway make a couple of trial runs to see if you can get the piece put back together, then lay out all of the pieces you need. Drink a cup of coffee. Squeeze out a bead of each part of the epoxy, mix together with a clothes pin, take another clothes pin and get the right amount of epoxy on it, and spread it on the sealing surface completely, set the 2 parts together and hold in place with a strip of electrical tape. Take another clean clothes pin and wipe up all of the epoxy that squeezed out. Set it down and leave it alone for a day. Come back tomorrow and see if it worked. You have just a few minutes to do the work, so you can't make errors

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    Use an old plastic lid from yoghurt or similar that you can throw away later. Squeeze a splodge form each tube next to each other. Use a small wooden stick, like an ice lolly (popsicle) stick or piece of very stiff cardboard or a plastic spatula or similar to mix it the glue together and smear on. DO not get it on your fingers. It you do, do not hold your fingers together or they will be glued. If in doubt, wear thin rubber gloves. 

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    Clamping is always best for a good permanent hold with any glue. That magic instant bond only happens on tv commercials. The two part glues are easy to mix. Use a stick. You'll mix too much the first couple times, waste it, then get the hang of how much to mix and apply. 

    Wear latex gloves to avoid getting on your fingers. 

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    Setting times of two pack glues are stated on the packaging.

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    10 months ago

    Epoxy glues are good for some applications but not all. They don't dry that quickly but need to be well-mixed and well clamped after application.

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