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Did I take out a401 K for my daughter for nothing. She has been working at target?

No one will hire her aside from retail. Granted we live In Alabama which is super small but she went to one of the best universities there is. It was a Christian oriented university at that. I told my husband I feel like I wasted my money because she has her bachelors in communications and has been working at target for the past 3 years.shes 24. 

 She graduated three years ago. Before that she worked at at ulta. $9 an hour. I believe writing is her passion which is why she got a degree in communication. I swear we’ve been applying everywhere and no one is trying to hire her. I wanted her to work at fox 10 news in their communication department but they are full as well as the other news jobs have no openings. Fox 10 news is an incredible job with great benefits. I feel like I wasted my money getting her into this great university because it looks like she’s going to be working at target forever. 


Our son is only 20 with an amazing company and he doesn’t even have a degree. He was making so much money that he was able to purchase a house.

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  • Foofa
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    Alabama isn't "small", but Mobile is. There are four other Fox affiliates in your state not to mention a whole bunch of other media companies. Seems like you're trying to keep her physically close even though the opportunities in your city are limited. If you'd encourage her to move to a bigger market she may have more success. She's only a four hour drive from Atlanta, one of the biggest media markets in the country.

  • mmm
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    10 months ago

    Back off ...back up

    I see you pushing your daughter to get a better job and that might just mean leaving state. See ya mom.....

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    You probably did waste your money but there is nothing you can do about it now.

  • ?
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    10 months ago

    shouldn't she have got internship at different places during her studying years? why she was not hired by those companies later? this is how young people get jobs - first internship while they study later full time job

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  • GF
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    10 months ago

    As far as I know, Alabama is a poor state. There are not as many opportunities as there is in other states, such as NY, MA., LA.

    Maybe she should move to a different state.

    A friend of mine enjoyed fishing. He used to send articles into fishing magazines. Some of his articles were put in the magazines. 

    Maybe she should start writing about things she enjoys or commenting on articles to get noticed 

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