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Spider Bite Getting Worse?

About a day ago I noticed 3 spider bites on my right forearm. They were only itchy at first but earlier today they became painful when touched. Now, they ve been the source of a strong pain in my entire right arm. I don t know what type of spider it was and I m struggling to type this now because my movement is delayed in that arm. I was wondering when I should see a doctor or go to the ER.

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  • You definitely should wait until the arm completely rots of to see the doctor

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    You definitely need to see a Doctor or Hospital but I have read for years that MOST "spider bites" are really other things like staph infections, etc. (read on). Google it something like 9 out of 10 are MISDIAGNOSED even by physicians."Often, patients will come in with something such as bacterial infections, diabetes ulcers, and poison ivy and get misdiagnosed with a brown recluse spider bite." "Several medical conditions commonly misdiagnosed as spider bites include bacterial, viral, and fungal infections; vasculitis; dermatological conditions; bites and stings from other arthropods; and miscellaneous causes such as allergies or drug reactions, chemical burns, reactions to poisonous plants, or diabetic ulcers (Benoit and Suchard 2006)." Of course, spider bites do occur but just not as often as reported.

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    Depends on the spider. It if was a brown recluse then you are going to lose a hunk of skin and tissue under it. You could end up needing a skin graft. It would be best for you to see a doctor ASAP.

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    If you feel like these bites need medical attention, then go to the doctor.

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    go to the ER right now

    call an ambulance

    you need an antihistamine injection

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    Go to the ER now.  Do not wait until the morning.  Google spider bite pictures and get on IV antibiotics at the ER.

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    Yes you should absolutely go to the doctor. If it's not taken care of, infection can start and if it gets bad enough, you can lose the limb. See a doctor immediately

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