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Are there any videos or photos of the actual room Lee H Oswald shot JFK from ?

I would love to know if there are any links to videos or photos of the actual room thank you

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  • Who
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    8 months ago

     that would be difficult - cos nobody has proved oswald shot him at all

    there is only 1 thing that could POSSIBLY link him to the shooting , and thats the rifle

     but NOBODY has proved the rifle found was used in the shooting AT ALL OR that it was his (SURE he had bought a similar one - BUT it was easily available so the rifle found COULD have been bought by anybody)

      the ONLY bullet that was found and proved to have been shot from the rifle was found on a trolley put there by an orderly- but NOBODY knows how it got to the place where it was found, 

     there are a LOT of assumptions made about the shooting of JFK -but very little actual evidence that would stand up in court (If you cant show a trail of how they bullet got into the hospital OR that it even hit kennedy then it is inadmissable as evidence- and if you aint got that then the rifle and who owns it become irrelevant

     the REAL shame is - Once the rifle was found and linked to oswald the police and everybody else just stopped looking for evidence to prove oswald shot him - to them it was game over

     there was far more evidence against OJ than oswald , and OJ got off


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  • martin
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    8 months ago

    Seem to remember seeing them at the time. Keep researching Lee Harvey Oswald.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    You mean "allegedly" shot JFK from. 

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