charging a power bank with less than 5v?

i have a cheap old solar panel for a portable battery operated light. it has a male micro usb to be inserted to the partner battery operated bulb, but since the bulb is already broken i wanted to use the solar panel to charge a backup powerbank. the question is, is it ok to charge a powerbank (and leave it be) using a solar panel with max voltage of 6v. i was thinking of what will happen to the powerbank if the voltage of the power source is changing being it a solar panel.

TL;DR - Solar panel connect to powerbank, is it ok?

1 Answer

  • 10 months ago

    The voltage from the source has to be at least a little higher

    than the rated voltage of the battery in order to provide a full charge.

    Some things need a full 5 volts; others may do OK with less.

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