What can I do if I feel like I was graded unfairly?

There was a midterm project that turned out to be worth over one letter grades in my multimedia class. The project was over character animator  A program we hadn't worked with ever previously and were only given two sessions on what it is (not nearly enough time to learn the ins and outs of the program or review).


"5/ 15 ptsPHOTOSHOP: Mouth (neutral, smiling and surprised)"

I had all three and made all three myself I have no clue why I was taken off any points here."5 / 15 ptsPHOTOSHOP: Sound mouths (lined up with neutral, etc)"

It does work properly with audio sync I even prove it when I submitted the video. However, she puts it into lip sync which she nor the video tells the students she is going to do this.   "5 / 15 ptsPHOTOSHOP/CHARACTER ANIMATOR: Make sure movements are working properly"

Like I said before I made sure the movements were working properly for AUDIO SYNC nowhere in the rubric does she say anything about lips sync    "5 / 15 ptsFOLLOWED TURN IN INSTRUCTIONS: Photoshop file in Canvas, CharacterAnimator files on Ydrive"

I have no clue why I was taken off point here I submitted it into both canvas and Y drive.

I made my own puppet for this assignment which she said we can do if we want to but sample ones were also given yet I have deducted points for using creativity or no stated reason. I feel like this teaching "style" is gross negligence and I need to talk to someone about this but I don't know who. I care she doesn't. Thank you in advance.

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    Did other students manage to follow the instructions and produce an animation that responds when they talk on the webcam? If so, they did it with the exact same instructions you had, and the same amount of time. There are many resources online where you can learn how to use programs like Photoshop. Now, if almost everyone in the class had problems and failed to produce an animation that synced with the audio, you might have a reasonable complaint. 

    I should probably add that all this stuff came out after I was out of school, and I taught myself to code html page, use Photoshop, Excel, and many other programs with no teacher. I used tutorials online, mostly, and experimenting with the programs. If a middle-aged person can do it, you should be able to. 

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    1 year ago

    Any art course is extremely subjective to what the teacher thinks is right.  In math 2 + 2 = 4 (assuming you aren't working in say base 3) but in the world of art, it's loosey goosey.

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