An interesting, upbeat, inspirational BIOGRAPHY of a MUSICIAN?

For an older teenage guitarist and keyboardist who gets incredible pleasure from hearing and composing music - mostly heavy metal, some classical. Is there a good true story out there about a musician who may have had hard times but is not currently on drugs or dead?

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    I think Mark Farner of Grand Funk (late 60's/early 70's hard rock)

    was the best songster there has been. He was SO tasty and never

    made a mess of his own song at a show, like most artists do. Dang that

    boy was funky. And his drummer (Don Brewer) is considered BY DRUMMERS,

    to be the best . That whole band was SO good. But there story is about getti'ng

    robbed by management, and later by each other. Tragic. And it's really hard to find

    a band that didn't succumb to mismanagement and drugs. There was an old VH1 series called Behind The Music, and if you google that ON you;tube, you'll find hour-length documentaries of hundreds of bands. Be warned though, the show followed a pattern, purposely showing them each as having risen, fallen, then currently risen again (and they never actually rose hit, youre huge, then its over. and so what? You had your time!

    My favorite band story was the Bee Gees, because they seem to have just PLAYED MUSIC from a very early age, and never struggled to get found or signed, they just did what they had in them to do in life and life payed attention and wanted more. In reality, it isnt that easy, and worse, its really just rich kids that get famous., THERE ARE SO MANY poor kids who were more talented than a rich kid who got BOUGHT a career, while said poor kid worked at Wal-Mart till he killed himself. But..thats the ugly truth of capitalism.  So..keep in mind, when you see an actor, youre seeing a rich kid who had the position bought for him, while regular folks cant join in any reindeer games. Same goes for the music industry. You dont get successful by hard work, or by talent. You get it bought for you by rich daddy or you dont get to play at all. Such is life in America.

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    Try Pete Seeger - The Power Of Song

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