what sewing machine should i get?

Hello...so i have just a quick question my dad was in the navy and he was a parachute rigger meaning he can sew just about anything among doing many other things and growing up he put his family before himself meaning anything he wanted to buy the money went to bills and he would wait and so for a couple years now i have wanted to get him a heavy duty Singer sewing machine and i cant decide between the 4452 or the 4432 the 4452 is around $40 something more and i dont know if its worth it especially now that i have bills and all that but it looks like the only difference is that the 4452 is faster to those of you who sew all the time does it matter? i mean its not like he is trying to make his own clothing line and needs to do a rush order of a 1000 shirts or something please help and thank you in advance

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  • 8 months ago

    A brand new sewing machine that only costs $40 is not a heavy duty machine. A 'workhorse' at low cost would be in the $250 range.

  • drip
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    8 months ago

    You don’t say what he will be sewing. That would help on what machine is best to buy for him.

    If he is sewing straight lines, like for curtains, a fester speed would be an advantage. 

    I sewn for years and I like to be able to sew at a fast speed.

    Instead of new go to a sewing machine dealer and look for older models. You can get a good deal in them. You may be able to get a better brand machine - Viking, Pfaff or Bernina.

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