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I'm pretty sure YouTube has violated first amendment laws in some way by this point?

You're no longer allowed to post whatever content you want on their site. It's bad to make non-kid friendly content, and it's also bad to make kid-friendly content. I feel like this has to violate the first amendment in some way. Their censorship of history on the site is also mind boggling. They're censoring history, it's literally f*cking fascism on this site.

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    I'm absolutely sure they haven't. (not pretty sure). The First Amendment only restricts what the government can do. Anyone who isn't part of the government can't violate the First Amendment, because anything not done by the government isn't a violation of the First Amendment.

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    First, as others have said, the First Amendment only restricts what a GOVERNMENT agency can do to you, based upon your freedom of speech.  YouTube is not a government agency.  Second, when you signed the contract to become a member you AGREED to allow them to change or remove anything you post there.

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    There is no law that says I have to allow you to post whatever you want to post on my website the same thing goes for YouTube they own the website they can tell you what you can and cannot post there. YouTube is not public property it is privately owned nobody has a right to post anything they want to there they can make any rule or regulation they want to YouTube is there personal property. Do I have a right to come to your house and write graffiti upon your house? No of course not the same thing applies to somebody else's privately owned website

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    The first amendment protects you from censorship by the GOVERNMENT.

    Youtube is a privately owned site and can set what rules and guidelines they want.

    First amendment gives you the right to create your own website to post videos.

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    The 1st amendment to the Constitution of the United States of American states CONGRESS shall make not law ...

    As unfair, and potentially illegal as YouTube's actions may be, they COULD NOT violate the 1st amendment if they wanted to do so.

    You have NEVER been allowed to post whatever you want to YouTube.

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    You don't understand the First Amendment. It means the government cannot prosecute you for your speech. It does not mean, nor ever has meant, that you can say whatever you want whenever and wherever you want with no consequence. YouTube is a private entity, they can censor as they see fit.

  • 1 year ago

    YouTube in not a public place and thus the First Amendment does not apply

  • 1 year ago

    Very true. Google thinks it has the authority to control what people see and what they don't see. They'll find out different very soon. The time is coming for anti-trust lawsuits.

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    Youtube cannot violate the 1st amendment by definition due to not being a government entity, as the first amendment applies only to what the government can tell you not to say and not private entities like Youtube. Youtube can set whatever rules it likes for participating in its services. The first amendment does not apply to youtube.

  • 1 year ago

    Okay, and? File a lawsuit.

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