Does anyone familiar with "Bendy," the Youtube horror game, know of a video in which there is a threat to those with brown or black hair?

My daughter got in trouble at school for talking to her peers about an episode of "Bendy" she saw on YouTube where someone (I don't know if it was Bendy himself) posed a threat to people with brown or black hair. They took her conversation about this topic as an overt death threat to her peers (shes 7) and I need to explain to them that she thought she was just telling them a scary story. It would really help if I could find the specific video but I am so unfamiliar with the subject matter I feel like I would have to comb through hours of YouTube videos. I thought it might be helpful to ask and see if anyone was familiar and could link me. 

To be clear - Obviously the subject matter of that YouTube video is way too old for her, and in no way was she permitted to watch it. I kept a pretty close eye on her YouTube usage and have no idea where she saw this, perhaps at a friends house or possibly it sneaked its way into her lineup without me noticing. The incident at school has solidified a ban on YouTube for her entertainment usage going forward (Even YouTube kids, which is all she was previously allowed to watch). 

If anyone is familiar with the game (character? cartoon?) and feels like they could even point me in the right general direction it would be appreciated!

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