what is the best way to get a store manager in trouble if they have a bias agenst you, says you can't come back to the property?

and files a no criminal trespass agenst you that up the chain like the corporation or the franchise wouldn't agree with? specifically a relation to the person who got both of us kicked out? i.e. my offended father,, (specifically HEB)

((p.s. try to post this yesterday and didn't realize I posted five things and Yahoo answers deleted the one about spiritual encounters with succubus and Incubus are spirits with similar characteristics, I was not intentionally trying to spam or break the guidelines on that one I had a genuine question I guess I needed to be more specific which I was but before I added extra details in The box this text being typed in right now Yahoo answers deleted my question)) specifically I think the reason was because I used the word ejaculate in it, which is B.S. because people post questions about things such as premature ejaculation and encounters with spiritual beings including succubus and Incubus amongst must worser things all the time on here, could be wrong now doe, I was being pretty lazy and didn't expect people to jump on it so fast I was going to edit it, I don't even remember exactly how I worded it out,


that post was probably the day before yesterday the day before that because my web browser was having errors and I couldn't post this so where it says yesterday on the P.S. is not accurate

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  • It's not YA that deletes your questions. It's trolls on here that report you for ranting or even if they don't believe your story.

    How do you know the manager biased against you... They have store to run, if you're doing things that go against policy, some one will report you for it, you can get disciplined or even fired and tossed out by security / the police if they have to. Unfortunately that may have been your father.

    If you want to know why, maybe ask your father what offended him so much (if you can't ask the manager) as you say he was the one that got you terminated.

    For now try to put this behind you and move on. Things like this should make you a stronger person.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    What's the big deal? Just go somewhere else. There are millions of stores.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    wrong category.................................

  • y
    Lv 7
    8 months ago

    So you get booted and banned from some place, probably becouse you were doing something stupid like stealing. They don;t call the cops or make any more noise about it like they could. Your response is to try to get them in trouble? Where do people like you grow?

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