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Anyone have experience with tank-less water heaters ? Are they better than regular 50 gal tank heaters ? Two people one bathroom house..ty?

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    ONLY if you keep all your fish in it.

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    WTF does this have to do with fish?

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    On demand heating is more efficient. My Navien unit will make hot water all day long if I want.

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    Depends on the specific water heater purchased as well as how hard your water is, and what temperature the water coming into your home is. We looked at tankless heaters this year, as the prospect of not running out of hot water is pretty great and our traditional water heater was having some struggles. However, all the plumbers we spoke to recommended against them heavily for our area. We live in a location with very low winter temperatures and very hard water. We were told that even with a top of the line system we would not be happy with the flow rate and temperature with a tankless system due to our water supply's very low starting temperature, and that the lifespan would be terrible unless we installed an expensive filtration system for the whole house due to the hard water. 

    So, talk to a local plumber. Tankless systems are great in some places; less so in others. 

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    8 months ago

    Yes, when we bought our house in Florida. We renovated the entire house. Including the plumbing. I was skeptical about the tankless heaters. But a friend of mine swore by them. So we removed the old 150 gallon water heater. And put in two separate tankless water heaters. One for the second floor bathroom. And one for the first floor kitchen, bathroom and washing machine. Except for a little bit of rewiring for 220 volt. We couldn't be happier. 

    Go UP one size for the bathroom you need it for. Because it will also be used for your kitchen hot water spigot. Except for an initial problem with having to remove the second floor one to flush it out(it takes minutes to remove ONCE hooked up)for debris from the installation. We've had no problems at all. It cut our electric bill 25% and water usage by 30%. You literally have unlimited hot water for all spigots, appliances and bathrooms.

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    Back in the 1940's we lived in a house that had a gas fired tankless water heater. There were 5 people living in the house and we never ran short of hot water. If you haves a quality tankless water heater that is properly sized you will have no problems with the supply of hot water.

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