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I just upgraded my graphics card should I have done this?

In the time my mid 2010 Mac mini started to slow down due to upgrading the operating system, like in 2013 I managed to build a computer from scrap. The motherboard is encased in a tower that is the height of a coffee table and it is running a amd a10 quad core processor and 16gb of drr3 ram. The motherboard is msi fm2 a55 e33 chipset. I was using a wifi pci card and a usb 3 pcie card and a low profile graphics card pcie x16

The board only has 1 pcie x16, 1 pcie x2 and a pci slot. 

I had to remove the usb 3 pcie card to put a new graphics card in it that took up two slots that made Windows as fluent as a mac in terms of performance. It is running the latest version of Windows 10.I just wonder is it okay in 2019 to stick to USB 2? 


Motherboard MSI FM2-A55-E33 

HDD 6TB Toshiba HDWE160

RAM 16GB DDR3 1866Mhz

APU (CPU+GPU) AMD A10-6700T running at 2.50Ghz

Dedicated Graphics Card : NVIDA GeForce GTX 1650 (This is the brand new one I just bought) the last one was a AMD FirePro w4300) 

Wireless PCI card: TP-LINK 300MBPS Wireless N Adapter

PCIE x2: HooToo USB 3 adapter (I had to remove due to the graphic card size so I don't have any usb 3 ports anymore on my desktop rig)

Update 2:

The power supply is a evga 850w BQ

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    All that just to ask if it is OK to use a USB 2.0 stick? Of course it's fine! It's not a concern of a certain format, but rather the bus port on which the USB is connected to. If you have a USB 2.0, then that's completely fine. It's only a speed. You will get a maximum theoretical speed of 60 MegaBytes per second, but of course there are soooo many factors that can easily make that number go lower. But if speed is not your concern, then everything is fine. 

    Also, personally speaking, I would have simply cloned the Hard Disk and went directly for an SSD. Now THAT would be a true game changer, but if the graphics helped you due to a gross bottleneck from that end, then it's completely fine. No worries. Though I have to say that now you may have a processor bottleneck. Anything that may require high performance may hinder you. But on the bright side, anything that requires good graphics can also be run now, just as long as it's not demanding a lot CPU wise (that CPU is quite old to say the least). By the way, try checking if you can upgrade the ports as well, that is if the motherboard supports it. If not, it's fine. USB 2.0 is the least of your worries. 

  • A.J.
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    USB 2 is not an issue in your system.

    Now, for a lot of information that could be useful.

    You don't state which graphics card it has. You don't state your power supply nor name your computer case by brand and model number. You don't state your precise motherboard for its features or cpu for exact performance.

    Try installing and running Belarc Advisor and Speccy free versions, better describe the computer case, and get power supply information off its label.

    This MSI MB?

    SATA II 3Gb/sec,  2 x USB 2.0 connectors front panel, 4 x USB 2.0 ports rear panel

    A10-6800K HD 8670D, A10-6790K, A10-6700, A10-5800K, A10-5700 w/HD 7660D

    4214 to 4859 cpu score with included rank 410 to 441

    mid 2010 mac mini core2duo P8800 Nvidia GeForce 320M 256 MB DDR3

    1739 cpu score + rank 673 graphics and 1066 speed ddr3 system ram, sata 2, usb2

    Without a graphics card, your Windows system plus an SSD blows away a 2010 MacMini in performance on every measure unless you use bad ram or a bad storage in the WIndows PC. You could also have a wireless card issue. The graphics card you added originally probably has no effect and could have reduced the total performance and/or made it unstable. As to the USB3 PCIe card versus USB2, there is little difference usually given the rest of your system. You can erase garbage from your hdd, use CCLEANER, erase unneeded backup copies, and then clone from HDD to SSD even in SATA II and that gets you more than most things. Graphics card only affects gaming and content video editing and the Mac Mini was awful.

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