CCNA 2 certification exam discount voucher no longer eligible. Participated Outside the Parameters in the Membership Guide??

I passed the final exam for the CCNA 2 course and my professor marked me as eligible for the discount voucher. After a few days the statua was changed to ineligible. My professor has been back and forth with netacad for the past two weeks trying to figure out why this is happening. Today we got an email that read: 

Based on our records and information on how the course was administered, some students participated outside the parameters in the Membership Guide and therefore we cannot reinstate certification vouchers. We are aware that this may cause difficulty and we do not make this decision easily, thus the time taken to analyse the data. However, the guidelines exist to protect the sustainability of our Certification Exam Discount program. The decision will stand and we are unable to engage in further discussion on this matter. My professor nor I have any clue what this means or why it is happening. Does anyone know what could have caused this?

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