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A man who lost everything finds the love when he has to run for his life. Isn't it sad?

Let's suppose a young man lost his father at sea, her mother during bomb attacks, he went to prison for subversive activities against thr government and when he fled he finds out his sister married a man of the enemy faction,with whom she had a child. He cannot even hold the bany without feeling uncomfortable and sad about how his sister is cold and doesn't care about what he went through and doesn't want to hear anything, she judt wants to sleep around with her man and serve him. He goes away without  even saying goodbye, without a word. 

During the journey he meets a girl who has nothing, exactly like him. The girl falls for him but he holds back because he doesn't want her to get in trouble, as she already has a lot. He protects her, gives his food his coat, everything for her. She is alone she lost her family and has to givd up her dream to study because she has to work, her nasty relatives hate her and bully her. He tries to befriend her as much as he can but when he realizes he cannot control himself when they are alone so he shuns her out.  When she is injured he takes care of her and decided that this is enough and they would flee to the other side of the ocean.When they think they are safe, they come to take him away.She cries and refuses physicaly to let him go but she has to because they are too many. He turns to give her one last look.She disembarks alone, pregnant and scared in a foreign land. Isn't it sad that the guy found love and affection when its too late?


@marli the main character is supposed to be a sort of good guy who can't do the things he wished (court her, marry her) because he can't due to the circumstances, not because he doesn't love her. He does love her, more than his own life, he saves her many times, takes care of her, provides for her without asking anything. He doesn't force her to anything, it just happened after they realize they love each other. The guy has noble feelings, it's just that everything is wrong in their lives.

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    Why did she embark at all?  She's pregnant.  She might get a job in the foreign land, but probably not because she can't keep it long - and many employers at the beginning of the century did not hire pregnant women.  Why doesn't she stay and redeem as much of the passage money as she can? She could visit him in prison, bring him food or pass notes from his resistance friends. She could be in court if he is on trial. She could help him escape or beg anyone important to help her get him released if she loves him.

    Why do you imply that the man's sister is a whore "she just wants to sleep around with her man and serve him." when she is married?  She is doing what a wife of that era should do, and her duty is at least to her baby.  She may have married for survival, since her parents are dead and she would have had no home.  She may have thought her brother had abandoned her, since he was sent to prison for subversive activities instead keeping out of jail and working for a paycheck that could help pay for both of them to live. Until she married, she was in the same position as your heroine - poor, orphaned and the landlord (the owner of her father's ship perhaps?) evicting her from her home for the new captain's family.

    Why do your heroine's relatives "bully" her?  They are more likely to want no relationship with her if she does not have an inheritance they covet.  Is she their "Cinderella", doing all their housework?  She would not have been allowed to get a higher education then, and they'd shun her when she moves in with her man and gets pregnant.

    Why did he get her pregnant if he was shunning her for her own good? He should've known he'd have sex with her the moment he took her into his room, put her in bed and fed her soup.  She should've known better than to accept his attention and live in his room.  No wonder her relatives said she's beyond shame! They gave her a bed in their house and their protection for a bit of housework, but she ran off with a poor manual labourer (if he is working), had sex with him and they aren't married.  I'm sure her relatives were as nasty as Cinderella's step-sisters and she's better off with a fugitive since she has no one else; but she is living with a man who won't admit he loves her. He takes her body when his urge overwhelms him and shuns her the rest of the time.  She must think he resents her, even hates her, for "tempting" him by her presence in his living space. At least the brother-in-law gave his wife and child his name and a commitment to care for them by marrying her. Sister got a better bargain from him than her brother is giving to the girl.

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    Truly, pitiful, however not half as miserable as the way that you are STILL posting this sub-young emotional waste a very long time after we originally beseeched you to stop.

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    Look, aside from the typos this still doesn't make sense: the girl is 'alone' she 'lost her family' - but has 'nasty relatives.'

    The man 'fled; (presumably you mean 'escaped') from prison to find his sister married someone from the other side - does she, or her husband, get him re-arrested? no he just feels left out because she's not interested in him, so he wanders off.

    And I still can't understand how, or why he's arrested at the end.

    If you sat down and wrote the book you could probably sort these problems out, but at the moment all you're doing is posting questions like this and asking "Isn't it sad?"

    Yes, but not quite in the way you mean.

    Please stop.

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    What's sad is this junk that you're exposing people to. You don't seem to know if your character is "he" or "her".

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    Yes, very sad, but not half as sad as the fact that you are STILL posting this sub-teenage emo rubbish months after we first begged you to stop.

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    What's sad is that you continue to obsesively tinker with this sappy and unrealistic premise over and over and over again and keep getting the same responses from the same people telling you how boring, bland, treacly, and outright ridiculous it is. If you had any intention of writing a story or novel based on any of these outlandish ideas, you'd have done it already. It's obvious that you don't. And it's unclear why you seem to think that spamming this might somehow accomplish something other than annoying people. 

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    Look......... just promise everyone that you'll never vote! Please!

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    Its stupidity such as this that has made me not come on yahoo answers much anymore, the trolling has become too much to even handle at this point.  From stupid stuff like this to the constant troll pictures ETC.  

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    So your entire anonymous question in this long anonymous story is whether or not we think it's SAD? That's the whole point? Is that your entire question? And why are you posting it anonymously if you're not a troll?

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    It's more than sad. It's like some hopeless kind of hope that keeps him going. I hope he'll find his love again

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